Had a late night emergency and called these guys. Came right over, drilled the lock and installed a new one. Perfect! Didn’t need to wait for hours.

Brandon S. Manhattan, NYC


My toilet broke! Yes, my supercharged exciting life came to an abrupt halt because my toilet wasn’t working. It needed a new plug thingy. Home Depot I’m sure has everything I’m looking for but I wanted to avoid the $20 cab rides. I was actually up in the 90’s running some errands and checked out a hardware store up there. They had about a dozen of these plug things but none of them looked like what I needed. Oh, well.

On my way home, I decided to check this literal “hole in the wall”. I’ll be damned! They had what I was looking for and for a few bucks cheaper than what I even saw online! (Yes, I was researching toilet plugs online. Exciting stuff)

This place may be small but its packed to the ceiling with those little things that we need from time to time to get on with our lives. They have an assortment of cleaning supplies I need to check out, to get my housekeeper stocked up. I’m going through those wet swifter things like a crackhead.

Jay G. New York, NYC