Summer 2018- Mul T Lock ClassicPro cylinders introduced to open market. The new ClassicPro is a PatentPending keyway with key duplication restrictions. This update of the popular Mul T Lock Classic is a high security cylinder with upgraded pin technology. Duplication cards must be presented in shop to make key copies, making this the perfect lower cost high security cylinder for your home or business. Key copies are priced at the same level as Mul T Lock Junior and Classic.

Let us help you avoid typical locksmith scams!

Over 92% of all listed locksmiths online or in the phone book
are non-licensed scam artists. Don’t be their next target!

Check to see if your locksmith is legitimate!

Support local businesses and get the service you deserve!

As a small NYC business, Sky Locksmith is in-turn being hurt when local residents are taken advantage of by online “local” locksmiths scams.

SKY has decided to start a campaign and promote it’s colleagues and other store owners to give its customers better service and better pricing!

We offer you peace-of-mind with your security needs and quality service that we know you will learn to know and trust!

Most online internet companies are without a real physical address or office. They consist of un-licensed locksmiths accept cash only, promising services costs around $15 and up, then surprising you with astronomical prices when your most venerable. SKY Locksmith offers a set price with no hidden fees and no gimmicks!

The following is SKY’s list of Locksmiths which in-fact have real store locations and skilled professional.

SKY LOCKSMITH Online or In Store: Find a Lower Price and We’ll Match It!

SKY is confident in listing our competitor companies as we offer our price match guarantee and provide superior service!


Upper East Side locksmiths

Associated Locksmith

Award Locksmith

Aero Locksmith

Action Locksmith

Aid Locksmith

Island Locksmith

Night & Day Locksmith

CBS Locksmith

Umbrella Locksmith *

USA Locksmith

Super Security Locksmith

Abby Locksmith *

Global Locksmith *

Charles Locksmith

ATB Locksmith

Sky Locksmith

Upper West Side Locksmiths

Dial Locksmith

Golden Key Locksmith *

AJA Locksmith

Midtown Locksmiths

Monkeys Locksmith

Simon Lock N Key

Elite Locksmith

Cosmic Fischer Locksmith *

Plaza Lock and Safes

Midway Locksmith *

Chelsea Locksmiths

SoS Locksmith

Artis Locksmith & Hardware *

West Village Locksmiths

Paragon Security & Locksmith

Greenwich Locksmith

Metropolin Locksmith

East Village Locksmiths

A-Art Locksmith

Tribeca Locksmiths

Mr. Locks

SKY LOCKSMITH Online or In Store: Find a Lower Price and We’ll Match It!